Thursday, December 30, 2010

Project: House Clocks

This is what my friends found under the tree this year for Christmas. I usually make gifts around Christmas because A) they're meaningful B) they're frugal and C) they're fun! Since many of my friends recently got their own places or moved this past year I thought it fitting to give them something to commemorate their leap of independence and something functional and let's face it, I thought they'd be doggone cute!

I found paper mache houses from the local craft store, painted them with acrylics and installed a simple clock kit. You can make a clock out of just about anything really. My cousin Carrie over at made one out of an old record! Check back for more of my projects! 

"I collect hobbies."~Penelope Stamp from The Brothers Bloom

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review: Pan's Labyrinth

I watch movies. A lot. Little on television excites me, except for FRINGE. Ergo, I forsake commercials and go for dvds. My friends all suggested this gem and the art direction alone was enough to hold my attention. I was forewarned of the violence and aptly averted my eyes here and there, though after watching a year and a half of Fringe, I was a bit toughened up. The layers are beautiful and the end, tragically beautiful, like a sad wandering Radiohead song that ends on a hidden high note. The lullaby, the labyrinth, the chalk door, the moss covered statues in the forest...gorgeous. At some points I recalled Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, especially during the frog sequence and the stone faces. Ever since childhood I've been drawn to media in which children are forced to make adult decisions and fend for themselves. Not that I was forced to do that as a child or anything! Perhaps it's simply because I was an only child and can identify with their independence. At any rate this is a must see.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Welcome! First blog post!

Welcome to Popeko! (pronounced po.peek.o) So, where did the name come from? My Great Grandmother's maiden Lithuanian name was Popeko before she immigrating to America. I never met her. What I know of her, I know through others' memories. She was an expert seamstress, a swish dresser, and loved her six grandchildren to no end. I come from a very creative family. This blog displays my creative ventures, musings, thrifting adventures and art. Let me know what you think! My motto: "Don't look at the world the way you are supposed to, look for what it can be and not what it is."