Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All things TRON

I am a geek. I am that girl who tried to hide her Star Wars obsession when every other girl in school was into Backstreet Boys and their Cell phones. I am the girl who still gets giddy over the clicking together of Lego bricks. I am the girl who treasures her 80s toys like ancient artifacts and breaks out her Jem in the Holograms and She-Ra/He-Man dvds when I'm feeling nostalgic. I am the girl who still likes to break out my N64 and show Bowser who's boss with the power of 120 stars. I am the girl who watches Star Trek reruns at 1am and literally shakes with excitement when the show Fringe is on.

Recently I have found something else to geek out about! TRON. I must confess I never saw the original, only the trailer, but the new movie sucked me in. Oh Daft Punk, you turn me on, and I never want to turn off. Though the story was not all that complex, the art direction, FX, wardrobe and music hit the nail on the 80s revamp head. A actually got goosebumps as the Daft Punk theme score swelled. My cousin Lauren and I watched the armory scene and soon relayed to each other that we wished we could wear shoes like that in realy life. Well guess what Disney is coming out with its own line of TRON accessories! The cuff and ring actually light up! But I can't afford them, instead I will probably find a way to make my own.

Oh and check out these kickbutt wedges complete with LED lights by Edmundo Castillo, again, out of my price range (4 figures!) and only at Saks, but how cool are they?!

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