Monday, June 13, 2011

When life is a whirlwind, bring a kite....

It's been a whirlwind of a year thus far. I need to do more journaling. I'm trying to do better at it. I recently heard of a man who passed away this week and when his son was taking care of his affairs he came across his notebooks, where he had chronicled every day of the last five years of his life. What a true gift to leave your heirs, a strange and unique window. There is so much going on this week what with the 175 Anniversary Bash in Kickapoo, IL, painting the float with Uncle Phil for the parade, my freelance, going to press on the latest issue of Numéro and family from Kansas City coming home, Father's Day, Mom and Dad's Anniversary, and printing Christine and Nick's wedding invitations.

Strangest thing that happened to me today: Getting carded when I went to buy sparklers.
Most exciting thing about today: I got to interview Preston Jackson for an article.
What did I eat today: Cheerios, Chips and salsa, Chocolate ice cream, and BBQ Chicken Pizza
Daily regret: Not throwing that drifter my box of cereal.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A last hurrah souvenir!

Well our beloved Illinois Antique Center closed last weekend :( My mom informed me that they were having a flea market there at 8am on Saturday, I'm not an early riser but I made myself this day and boy I'm glad I did. I usually don't get to shop with my mom like I did when I lived at home, so this was really nice. I didn't find anything at the flea market, but I took a gander at the dealer booths as they were having some really great sales for the last hurrah, I turned a corner and there it was!!! A cyber-retro plastic lampshade! It's like Charles Eames and Tron had a love child, it was really filthy but I washed it off. Only a few flaws but nothing major and the best part is that it cost a grand total of $4.87!!! Then Mom and I fell down the slippery slope of thrifting and hit a myriad of stores, where I proceeded to get the milk glass for 99cents and the fabulous retro resin grapes for $1.49. I also bought the movie Rushmore for 99cents and a cookie jar for a friend but I can't show it b/c it's her Christmas gift and she sometimes reads my blog. Mom and I should do this more often, he he