Saturday, June 4, 2011

A last hurrah souvenir!

Well our beloved Illinois Antique Center closed last weekend :( My mom informed me that they were having a flea market there at 8am on Saturday, I'm not an early riser but I made myself this day and boy I'm glad I did. I usually don't get to shop with my mom like I did when I lived at home, so this was really nice. I didn't find anything at the flea market, but I took a gander at the dealer booths as they were having some really great sales for the last hurrah, I turned a corner and there it was!!! A cyber-retro plastic lampshade! It's like Charles Eames and Tron had a love child, it was really filthy but I washed it off. Only a few flaws but nothing major and the best part is that it cost a grand total of $4.87!!! Then Mom and I fell down the slippery slope of thrifting and hit a myriad of stores, where I proceeded to get the milk glass for 99cents and the fabulous retro resin grapes for $1.49. I also bought the movie Rushmore for 99cents and a cookie jar for a friend but I can't show it b/c it's her Christmas gift and she sometimes reads my blog. Mom and I should do this more often, he he


  1. Wait!? The big-mother antique mall on the riverfront? I am going to cry if that's the case. Boo AND hiss!

  2. Yep the big mother on the riverfront, sad :( But they are going to keep having the fleamarkets there at least!