Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My first album cover job!

Often we find that the old ways are the good ways, and that can definitely be said when it comes to music and how we absorb it. There is a local musician who is doing something rather decidedly different these days--releasing his music on vinyl. Jared Bartman, local indie musician and songwriter, chose to release his two song EP on vinyl just last month and it is being received with open arms. It's time to dust off that turntable! Not only was the method of recording a throwback, but the printing of the record sleeve as well. Jared employed a certain Numéro designer, me, for the cover art and chose to have them printed via a vintage Vandercook letterpress--talk about old school. Not only do you get a sweet piece of vinyl and limited edition work of art, but also the download codes so you can take his songs anywhere you please. To purchase a record, see Jared live or visit his website www.JaredBartman.com

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