Friday, May 13, 2011

Just a typical day at work...

On Tuesday evening my boss and I had to photograph this guy named Doug Smith for our magazine. He's a balloon artist and can literally make just about anything out of balloons, after that we got to taste the drink of the month. Also comical, I don't drink but I allow myself to taste so I'm reminded at how much alcohol ruins a drink for me (I'd take a milkshake over a cocktail anyday). It was funny because for a photoshoot it doesn't matter what the drink tastes like as long as it looks right, so we had a few crazy substitutions and the thing tasted like fermented candy peaches instead of...well...whatever it was supposed to be ha ha. If we had drank it all our eyes would have bugged out like Mr. Octopus here.

1 comment:

  1. Oh he's cute! Wonder if Doug could make me a chihuahua....
    I bet I look like Mr. Octopus when I've had one too many glasses of wine :)