Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hobby #2 Alterations!

My motto for art and life is "Don't look at things the way you're supposed to, look for what they can be and not what they are." I am always making things and fixing things up and one of my favorite things to fix up is SHOES! They are wearable and so fun to put your own spin on, and let's face it, it's cheaper than buying brand new shoes. I found these little numbers for $3 at Salvation Army and with a little glue and a little bottle of magenta glitter-PRESTO! Instant life-size Barbie Shoes.
This other pair I had grown tired of and they were getting scratched so I dosed them with some 1960s vintage glitter and big sparkly acrylic beads and wire. Oh yeah, I think I just found my party shoes! Check back in a week when I have my TRON shoes completed. :)

1 comment:

  1. awesome shoes, you crafty lady, you! I love the shoes. I'm like a bird that is attracted to all things glittery and shiny. Love both pairs!