Monday, February 7, 2011

Thriftiness is a Lifestyle...

A few days ago I went on a thrifting adventure with my cousin Carrie, Mom and Aunt--and let me tell you, it was a very good day! We are notorious junkers in our family, in fact the majority of the items in my home are second hand, and as always laughter ensues as we pillage through others' refuse, debate over a rhinestone peacock purse and wince at the grody wonders that we just can't bare to leave the store without. I walked away with two vintage purses (one being this cherry red marvel that opens with three compartments), a Chinese fan necklace, a retro sugar holder, an art deco Kodak camera, a mother's brooch, an 1885 book on the history of the US, a strawberry tray, Isaac Mizrahi shoes, an elephant figurine, a ceramic peanut for my obscure friend Allison and the coup de grat--a 1982 He-Man tv tray!!! My cousin found it stashed behind a basket in our favorite hole-in-the-wall jaunt. I am a sucker for 80s toys and look forward to chronicling my treasures. Until then you can find some of my treasures listed in my etsy shop: The Furnace Room at

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