Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Sundae to Steal the Heart

Just look at it, gorgeous right? On a simply lovely Friday evening, my co-pilot cousin Carrie and I engaged in our monthly munch and movie night! Tonight's fare--Homemade Twice Baked Potatoes and Dolled Up Sundaes!!!! Here, carbs are our comrads. The potatoes were stuffed with bacon, cheese, chives, red onion, spinach and sour cream, the sundaes smothered in whipped cream, sprinkles, nuts, fudge, and maraschino cherries. While blissfully going into a food coma and overdosing on whipped cream (yeah I'm looking at you Carrie) we watched the terrible 80s gem Better Off Dead, John Cusack, his Camaro and the crazy kid with the vendetta for $2 were the best parts. I don't know what they smoked in the 80s but it was probably something found in a shoebox in someone's 1960s closet because the movie was a trip and a half. Then at the end we had a good bout of laughter and watched Real Genius, during the course of which we began discussing all of the strange and memorable dreams we'd had over the years.
Memorable quotes: 
The Mom: "Fraunch Fries, Fraunch Dressing, Fraunch Toast..."
Carrie: "Nicole isn't this movie so relatable, wasn't your youth just like this?"
Jordan: "I made you a sweater."
N: "Wait don't tell me, is the French girl a mechanic too?" C: "Maybe?"
N: "Not the sax."
Carrie: "You know if someone just started reading this dream journal of yours they would think you clinically insane."

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  1. love this post! mostly because it makes me hungry for ice cream again. and look at my cute little "poo-deleh" you gave me...so awesome.