Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 10: Edible Art

Tonight I went down the cookie aisle at the grocery store and didn't buy anything, remembering I had all the ingredients at home. So I thought I'd try a recipe that I found in this great old 1970 United Nations cookbook that I found for $1 at a garage sale. Under "Egypt" were these decadently simple shortbread cookies called Grabie: 1cup butter, 1cup confectioner's sugar, 2cups flour. (I like simple recipes, especially when the cupboards are bare). Oh my, they taste like pie crust, so rich and easy. But I thought I'd take them one step further and broke out the food coloring and my paintbrush. I don't particularly like frosting but I thought I shouldn't let these little cookies run naked so I they became little round canvases. My assignment to you: make edible art. Food can be a medium to express your creativity too!

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