Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 8: Swanky Storage Solutions

I really like bacon. I know that's a strange segway into this post but it is relevant. The brand of bacon bits that I like comes in glass jars and they are so handy I just can't seem to toss them so I've decided to put them to good use and use them to store things like beads, spare change, matches, and odds and ends. My cousin Carrie at Swanky Lady Vintage suggested I think of cute storage ideas. To add a little visual sizzle I broke out my colorful shiny and fuzzy metallic scrapbooking papers, cut them to fit and glued the seems! Viola, cute storage devices for all your tiny objects. These could also be used for gifts, fill with candy or other bits and baubles, plus this only took like 20 minutes. So my assignment to you is think of a creative way to store an object!

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